Interesting article on something that is common sense (excuse the pun). Energy in the form of electromagnetic energy (or very low or difficult to read electricity) flows through our body and environment.  It is known that emotion at some level expresses through our body as energy at certain frequencies, this explains why sometimes you walk into a room full of people and you feel an uncomfortable feeling in the room, this is your body reading someone else's energy.  There are many other examples relating to intuition type events and others.

This article examines the physiological mechanisms within our body that possibly act as receptors to this type of 'information' being received by our bodies through electromagnetic frequencies. Its important to understand that these discoveries are limited by the instrumentation currently available to measure and the questions being asked.

The thing to get is that energy feeling, receiving or sending is another sense that everyone's body has. Our bodies have over time un-learn't this ability to use it in a way that benefits us. However in the background of this un-knowing the senses still function which in a lot of ways create tension and imbalance in our bodies. Its like your learnt behavior controlled by your mind fighting against your body senses tugging the other way.