Develop Mental Skills for consistent performance!


Its like the GPS in a car, the GPS has to know where it is before it can provide the fastest most efficient route to where you want to go (it checks into to the satellite). For example, if you turn up to a game thinking about anything other than where you are in that moment, how you want to perform and what outcome you want, it becomes very hit and miss as to how you get to your desired destination, if at all. Like the GPS you must follow a process each time you switch on to get to where you want to go in a game. Get stressed or distracted and you end up often taking the long way home or not getting there at all.

The key to consistent performance is to routinely check (track mental chatter, emotion, energy levels, physical body signals)where you are in that moment, focus on immediate environment (the game), follow the most efficient pathway (implementing coaches instructions) and use your talents and abilities to get the desired outcome consistently. Get this done by everyone in the team, consistency and peak performance becomes the norm. Players love performing like this and coach has a better chance of achieving desired outcomes.This is what the All Blacks are achieving at a very high level and is entirely possible for any team within their yard stick.

Typically I will work with the coach to identify possible changes to environment, how to set the team for performance at practice and game time. Work with individual players 1 on 1 in consultation with coach. Introduce the coach to tools and process to develop awareness and understanding of how to track ones state while at practice or in the game. I can introduce the science and technology to coaches and from there the same tailored session can be introduced to the team.

For professional teams I offer a more comprehensive system to assist coaching staff to develop consistency and high performance. I assist individuals, teams, coaches and managers of teams, corporate or sport, understand our physiological response to often hidden stress and pressure, how this impacts performance and desired outcomes. 

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) portable technology

For example I developed and implemented a system within the Warriors Rugby League that provided individuals within the team with 'in their own time training' using personal iPhones with the ability for coaches to monitor and support players remotely through a cloud app I developed. This had the benefit of coaches monitoring away from team environment, individual players physiological state in different environments, as well as helping players see the effects of the many stressors in their varied home environments, educating how they can recognise and control the impacts of stressors.

I am a trained HeartMath Provider with experience in this field since 2004. This combined with my background in systems development in my previous careers over the past 30 years provides unique advantage for individual and team performance enhancement. 

HeartMath techniques and technologies are research based with over 50 research studies published in peer-reviewed journals including the Journal of Cognitive TherapyAmerican Journal of Cardiology, Frontiers in Psychology, Preventive Cardiology, Stress Medicine, Journal of Eating Disorders. HeartMath research partners and clients include Kaiser Permanente, Cleveland Clinic, Scripps Clinic, Stanford Hospital and Medical School, Walter Reed, Brigham and Women’s, Cedars-Sinai. Over 25,000 health professionals worldwide are using or recommending HeartMath to their clients.

I HAVE ADAPTED THIS TECHNOLOGY AND METHODS FOR Athletes HIGH PERFORMANCE IN SPORTING ENVIRONMENTs. This is not sports psychology but more recognising what Gilbert EnoKa has identified as below,